Saturday, September 11, 2010

Graveyard Columns HowTo - Part 2

I've been working on finishing the columns this weekend.  I'm pretty far along now.  I cut the rest of the foam board and glued them to the panels, trimmed out the primary (test) column and made a top for it.  I don't have the procedure down just yet for the top.  It works, but I can probably improve on it for the next one I build.  Here are some photos of the first column before painting.  The texture you see on the foam is from spraying the foam with a spray bottle to wet it and then taking a blow torch (outside people - toxic fumes!) and lightly wave it back and forth.  It causes a really cool weathered effect.

Here you can see the top is separate from the base for easy storage

fully assembled - just need paint!
closeup of the top-not crazy about this and will probably change the design for the next column.
Texture using water and blow-torch.
the front (pulled away here) and back have the vertical corner mouldings attached.  The side foam pieces fit behind the other side of the corner moulding.  Each panel has a base plate which is glued and nailed to each panel (about an inch off the ground so the ground doesn't cause the panels to shift if it is uneven - in theory anyway).

Next up - painting!

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