Monday, September 6, 2010

Graveyard columns new and improved

For the last two years I've put out a cemetery fence with columns for Halloween. It definitely adds to the feel of a cemetery of course but it also helps keep kids from running through the lawn and potentially tripping over the wires and cables that light up the other decorations.

From Halloween 2009

The columns were made out of 1x2 lumber and then covered with sheets of regular white beaded styrofoam and painted. They worked pretty well but they were heavy and a pain to store in the off season. So, last year I decided I would try and come up with a column that looked just as good but could be easily disassembled for storage. I think I might have figured something out and it centers around milk crates.

My thinking is that I could get some plastic milk crates and stack them up to whatever height and then create four panels (one for each side) that could be attached (and, of course, removed) easily. These panels would then be covered in foam board and decorated like normal. When Halloween is over, I can simply remove the side panels and stack (they should stack and store quite nicely) and then unstack the milk crates and use them for storing other Halloween decorations.

As soon as I start this project, I'll post photos and a more detailed how-to (assuming it works out well that is).

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  1. Interesting idea looking forward to seeing how it turns out.